Green Lantern Solar

Green Lantern Solar is a full-service renewable energy company headquartered in Waterbury, Vermont with a particular focus on commercial scale solar. We are a leading provider of turnkey solar solutions for schools, towns, hospitals, resorts, and commercial & industrial businesses. We specialize in strategy and concept consulting, smart development turnkey projects, and capital and asset management.

We have created a financing solution that allows all customers ZERO COST GUARANTEED SAVINGS! We partner with best-in-class consultants and engineering partners to deliver a turnkey project. As of January 2021, we have over 100 solar projects operating in Vermont which generate over 65 MWh electricity and represent over $145 million in total investment. Currently, we have another 15 MW of solar capacity in development around the Northeast.

As a team, we understand the financial considerations that impact large electricity consumers. Utility expenditures are a significant expense. We develop high-quality solar projects at the lowest capital cost possible, so that we may deliver maximum savings to group net metered customers over the useful lives of the projects. We achieve this through strategic value engineering, and by leveraging federal and state tax credits as part of the financing structure.

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