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SUNY Erie Community College

SUNY Erie Workforce Training provides customized noncredit professional development to local businesses, individual community residents, and local government employees. For more than 30 years, Workforce Training has complemented SUNY Erie’s academic mission and has positioned itself as the workforce training leader in Western New York. Continuing Education, Corporate Training, and the SUNY Erie Driving Programs have created an innovative entrepreneurial workforce team assisting local businesses in remaining globally competitive in a growing technological and knowledge-driven economy. Workforce Training's goal is to ensure our region's long-term vision for economic vitality. Our list of New York State partnerships includes New York State Department of Labor, NYSERDA, Workforce Investment Board, and fellow SUNY community colleges across the state. Our professionals hold IREC (Interstate Renewable Energy Council) institutional accreditation for photovoltaic energy training, as well as belong to or hold board positions with the Continuing Education Association of New York and national solar agencies. Continuing Education offers exciting classroom-based or online Solar Training courses for Architects, Engineers, Emergency Responders, and Building and Code Inspectors.

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