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Inclusive Property Capital

Inclusive Prosperity Capital, Inc. is a not-for-profit investment fund scaling energy financing solutions that channels investment capital to program partners in communities that need it most. We believe everyone should have access to the benefits of clean energy. We can change the conversation in underinvested neighborhoods and underserved markets, helping to deliver Inclusive Prosperity.

MISSION: We provide a gateway to inclusive prosperity by engaging with communities impacted most by climate change. We invest in clean energy and resilience in partnership with local initiatives and organizations to provide energy security, climate justice, and economic growth.

VISION: We believe everyone should have access to the benefits of clean energy and resilience. Together, we can create change in underinvested neighborhoods and underserved markets to achieve inclusive prosperity.


  • Inclusion: We urgently need all people included in the clean energy and resilience movement. We bring resources to those left behind with a specific focus on equity, equality, and justice.

  • Integrity: Our team is accountable to one another and the communities we serve. We lead with trust, honesty, grace, and self-discipline.

  • Impact: Together, we can combat the negative impacts of climate change in our most vulnerable communities. We can make our world greener, healthier, and more sustainable when we work collaboratively and creatively.

  • Ambition: We take on the hard problems in climate change work. We believe it is possible to transform past exclusionary financing practices and scale investments in the communities that need it most.

  • Community: We prize partnerships and collaboration where we work with mission aligned groups for a shared purpose. Together, we are building a growing network committed to climate justice.

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