2019 NYSEIA Board Election Results

Congratulations to the candidates below for being selected for the NYSEIA Board of Directors.

  • Kathryn Chelminski

    Senior Manager, New Market Development – Solar PV


    Candidate Statement

    My interest in joining the NYSEIA Board is primarily for the opportunity to be actively involved in policy making and pushing forward key priorities in the New York solar market on behalf of member companies.

    If elected to the NYSEIA Board, I would bring significant expertise in solar policy both in New York and regionally, insights and experience gained through my role as Senior Manager, New Market Development at Ameresco and strong relationships with relevant policymakers, State officials and stakeholders in New York. Additionally, I have worked closely with NYSEIA through the Policy Committee, IPWG and well as NECEC, SEIA and other industry associations through my role at Ameresco.

    The State of New York set an ambitious target of 6 GW of solar by 2025, but in order to achieve these goals significant policy changes will be needed to manage the interconnection queues of increasing DG concentration, distribution and transmission system impacts, properly incentivizing solar and storage projects through the VDER Value Stack and MW Block Programs, and resolving issues related to PILOTs, siting and permitting.

    Through my experience with solar policy in key regional markets, I can provide insights and lessons learned to the NYSEIA Board to actively address new issues that arise. The NYSEIA Board will play a key role in driving forward necessary changes; I welcome the opportunity to join the Board to develop a strategy in collaboration with members, stay actively involved in educating policymakers and relevant government agencies, advocate on behalf of NYSEIA member companies and serve as a resource to help translate the complex and constantly changing solar policy landscape.

    Company Description

    Ameresco is a leading energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions provider serving North America. Ameresco is currently developing over 72 MW worth of solar projects in New York, including community solar and remote net metered projects, in addition to several energy efficiency/ESPC projects, such as projects with the New York City Housing Authority and the United States Army Garrison Fort Hamilton, among others. Ameresco is optimistic regarding future development in New York in light of the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act and ambitious targets set by Governor Cuomo.

  • Elizabeth Curran

    Director of Policy

    BlueWave Solar

    Candidate Statement

    As the Director of Policy at BlueWave, I have seen NYSEIA’s growth over the last year and experienced firsthand the value that the organization has provided to my company. I want to help NYSEIA continue to grow its leadership role, ensure that New York’s ambitious clean energy goals are translated into effective policy, and provide value and engagement opportunities to NYSEIA’s diverse membership.

    My experience working in the community solar and residential rooftop solar markets as well as in state government gives me a unique understanding of the diverse perspectives within the solar industry and the ability to work across NYSEIA’s membership to help achieve the organization’s goals. As a member of the NYSEIA Board of Directors, I would bring deep policy knowledge and expertise in several key areas impacting New York’s solar industry.

    *** Articulating the Benefits That Solar Brings to the Agricultural Community ***

    As solar continues to expand across New York state, I want to help NYSEIA communicate a clear message to policymakers and the public about the economic and environmental benefits of siting solar projects on farmland. BlueWave’s experience working with agricultural communities across the northeast highlights the important role that solar can play in helping farmers keep agricultural land in production and providing an alternative to converting farmland into permanent forms of development.

    *** Increase Public Awareness of Community Solar ***

    NYSEIA can also play an important role in expanding public understanding of community solar and encouraging the state to take a larger role in public outreach. I am currently an active member of NYSEIA’s CDG Working Group, which has recently begun working on this issue, and would continue to make this a priority as a member of the Board of Directors.

    Finally, I was born and raised in the Capital Region and am always excited for another opportunity to make the trip to Albany! Thank you for considering my application for the NYSEIA Board of Directors.

    Company Description

    BlueWave is on a mission to revolutionize energy with simple, powerful solar solutions. As a pioneering solar developer and leading community solar service provider, BlueWave has built more than 135 MW of solar projects to date and provides community solar access to thousands of customers. BlueWave’s innovative community solar subscriptions make it possible for homeowners, renters, small business owners, municipalities, and commercial building operators to save money and to be part of the energy revolution.

    BlueWave’s cutting-edge Switch Platform enables solar asset owners to conveniently manage their customers while giving those same customers an easily accessible online dashboard to sign up, manage their subscriptions, and review their account activity. BlueWave entered the New York market in early 2019 and is currently providing customer acquisition and ongoing customer management services for over a dozen community distributed generation (CDG) projects across the state.

  • Sean Garren

    Senior Director, Northeast

    Vote Solar

    Candidate Statement

    I believe that NYSEIA has an important role to play in promoting a diverse, sustainable and local solar economy. By representing big and small, local, regional and national, and utility, community, commercial, industrial and residential companies, NYSEIA can look beyond the individual business models or market segments and advocate for the strongest overarching industry. This is a similar perspective to that of Vote Solar, but speaking as an industry rather than an advocate. I believe this has allowed me to contribute to the NYSEIA board, particularly with regard to policy and political insights, and to learn from being on the board.

    Company Description

    Vote Solar is a national, non-profit solar advocacy group. We work on state-level solar policy and regulation all across the country. We have been working in New York for nearly a decade now. I am the Northeast Senior Director for Vote Solar and oversee our campaigns in New York and New England. In that role I have fought for the establishment of community solar, the protections of net metering, and the expansion of NY-Sun to 6 gigawatts.

  • T.R. Ludwig

    CEO and Co-Founder

    Brooklyn SolarWorks

    Candidate Statement

    I consider myself a "solar warrior" and have an extreme passion for helping to spread solar in the United States. While I had a great opportunity to work with Sunrun, I was able to see how one of the largest national solar companies runs its residential business. I was fortunate enough to team up with my two partners and start Brooklyn SolarWorks in 2015. Our focus was simple and remains focused on flat roof solar installations in NYC. As a result, we have also created our award-winning, patented Solar Canopy which has changed the way NYC residents go solar in the city (and hopefully nationally).

    In 2018 we spun off the Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co. to focus on the Solar Canopy as a product. In addition we have also helped pioneer a NYC-centric voice for the installer community and helped foster a collaborative environment where companies of all sizes have come together.

    This is the kind of work that I hope to continue if chosen to represent the NYSEIA board. While many of the big headline deals are focused on large solar deployments, and presumably will get larger as NY state solar goals increase significantly, I think it is imperative to keep a focus on the residential segment in NY because it will be the underlying lifeblood to keep solar momentum in NY.

    I have a passion for our craft and vision for the future of our industry. I would be honored to bring these perspectives to the group and work with you to help advance the industry-leading work you are already doing.

    Company Description

    Brooklyn SolarWorks LLC serves the NYC flat roof market with a focus on the outer boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens. We have over 600 installs centered mostly in Brooklyn. Generally we have dedicated our work toward row house/brownstone type buildings which can range from single family to small 8-unit coops in NYC. There are a multitude of different factors in NYC that add quite a bit of nuance to a normal install but we have learned this unique way of working with single/multifamly meter situations and have helped work through many of the early CDG installations in NYC. In addition to having our HIC and Master Electrician Licence in NYC we currently have 4 NABCEP certified installers on our staff and a team of 40 based in Gowanus Brooklyn.

  • Jessica Reinhardt

    Director, Public Policy


    Candidate Statement

    In December of 2018, I joined Sunrun with more than 10 years of experience in energy policy and government relations. I began my career as Energy Counsel in the New York State Assembly, and spent several years as a government relations manager for the Consolidated Edison Company of New York (ConEd). Both positions provided me with unique perspectives on energy policy in New York State. During my tenure at ConEd, Superstorm Sandy devastated New York forcing policymakers to reexamine the way electricity is generated and delivered. Witnessing the effects of Superstorm Sandy affirmed my passion for clean distributed energy and led to my work as a solar advocate beginning in 2016.

    Throughout my career, I have worked with business, engineering, regulatory, and legal teams to advise on a wide range of issues in multiple jurisdictions across the country. I am skilled at identifying issues that will impact the industry, and have a proven track record of implementing innovative strategies to achieve desirable outcomes. Able to work across party lines, and with diverse groups of people, I am an effective advocate with a knack for building coalitions with traditional and nontraditional allies to advance industry objectives.

    My specific experience primarily focuses on residential solar and energy storage. I’ve worked closely on issues such as permitting, interconnection, rate design, consumer protection, grid services, and more. I have access to experts in installations, financing, and other elements of the residential rooftop solar and storage industry to supplement my expertise. I also serve on the boards of two state affiliates (CO and AZ) providing me with additional insight into the operations and growth potential of similar organizations.

    Sunrun’s significant local and national presence, as well as my wide range of experience working on policy issues in numerous jurisdictions and serving on industry association boards, will benefit NYSEIA as it works to identify and implement industry best practices, eliminate barriers to doing business, develop innovative programs that facilitate the deployment of solar and energy storage assets throughout New York, and build relationships with influential policymakers and stakeholders.

    Company Description

    Sunrun is the country’s leading residential solar, battery storage and grid services company and has been one of the state’s top solar companies since 2015. Through innovative financing options such as the $0 money down/maintenance-free solar-as-a-service product it pioneered, Sunrun is committed to bringing solar panels and battery storage to as many New Yorkers as possible.

    As extreme weather events continue to affect the East Coast and New York continues to explore ways to scale up clean energy while increasing the reliability of the electric grid. Sunrun’s home solar battery system, Brightbox, provides customers with access to reliable backup power, energy independence, and peace of mind.

    In addition, Sunrun’s full suite of grid services capabilities can be customized to meet grid planning and operational needs. By aggregating Brightbox behind-the-meter solar and battery energy storage assets, Sunrun can partner with utilities to provide capacity products, voltage support, and other grid needs. PSEG-LI’s dynamic load management programs illustrate the types of partnerships that enable these services in a manner that improves grid resilience and reduces costs to all ratepayers.

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