Long Island Solar & Storage Alliance

The mission of NYSEIA's Long Island Solar & Storage Alliance (LISSA) is to promote a healthy, ethical, and vibrant solar industry on Long Island. LISSA's all-volunteer membership of renewable energy companies and professionals donate their time to protect and expand a vibrant clean energy movement throughout the region.


Their work includes influencing and sponsoring wise policy for local industries and organizations, as well as local, state, and federal government.

As far back as the oil crises of the 1970s, Long Island solar leaders have fought for a stable and solar-friendly business environment. Today their efforts are directed toward advancing the solar and energy storage industry on Long Island and beyond.

LISSA Members

Long Island Solar & Storage Alliance represents NYSEIA member companies that are active in Long Island solar policy and development. Learn more about our membership program and get involved.

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    Allied Building Products Corp.

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    Empire Clean Energy Supply

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    Long Island Power Solutions

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    Premier Solar Solutions

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    Renewable Properties

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    SUNation Solar Systems

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    Solar Energy Systems

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    Suffolk Bureau of Electrical Inspectors

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    Sunrise Power Solutions

What We Do

  • Reduce consumer energy costs while preserving our beautiful environment for future generations.

  • Support economically viable and environmentally responsible implementation of renewable clean energy systems, including solar PV electric power, solar thermal, solar hot water and concentrated solar.

  • Participate in public policy and regulatory proceedings affecting the solar industry.

  • Provide information on solar energy and the Long Island solar industry to local and state elected officials, the Long Island Power Authority, and other relevant agencies.

  • Collaborate with renewable energy, environmental, and economic development groups to expand solar energy on Long Island.

  • Organize meetings, networking, and other public events for the local solar industry.

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