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Solar Jobs

Lead Grid Integration Engineer

November 9, 2021


Borrego seeks a Lead Grid Integration Engineer to advance the development of our solar and energy storage systems nationwide. Reporting to the Director of Grid Integration, this leadership role requires a unique blend of power systems experience; creativity; and strong interpersonal, persuasion, advocacy, and problem-solving skills.

This is a unique position with an important history at our company, and it requires a rare combination of skills. You must be a great engineer, but this position will also demand that you communicate extremely well and clearly, understand or learn a diverse set of disciplines in our business, and navigate the politics of a utility commission as comfortably as the details of an engineering huddle. Strong candidates for this role will be in position to exert tremendous leverage on our climate mission.

This position is both internally- and externally-facing. Internally, you will work closely with stakeholders from the Interconnection, Policy, Project Development, Finance, and Engineering teams to identify optimal Distributed Energy Resource (DER) project locations, inform regulatory policy, and provide engineering guidance for optimal project integration with the utility system. Externally, you will represent Borrego’s interests in collaborating and negotiating with utilities and other industry stakeholders, participate in multiple industry level technical working groups, and work to build industry consensus in order to enable the timely and streamlined interconnection of renewable energy to the electric grid in all of Borrego’s US markets.

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