Solar Jobs

Policy Analyst / Renewable Energy

January 22, 2021


At Catalyze, we’re on a mission to accelerate the nationwide transition to clean, renewable energy. If you’re passionate about creating a meaningful impact on one of the greatest challenges of human existence (we’re looking at you, climate change), we want you on our team.

As a Renewable Energy Policy Analyst, you will report to the CFO and work with our project development, legal and finance teams across many jurisdictions to research, identify and articulate the details of regulatory change and incentive programs. Candidates should bring a combination of hands-on, practical know-how about how to develop renewable energy projects along with research skills and intellectual curiosity to stay on top of our everchanging policy landscape at both state and federal levels.

Our areas of development focus mostly on the commercial and industrial (C&I) sectors of solar PV generation with battery energy storage and electric vehicle charging but also can include community solar and some wholesale strategy components. Additionally, you will be responsible for researching and analyzing standards and benchmarks for environmental, sustainability and governance (ESG) reporting.


* Be the company expert in the requirements and operational details for renewable incentive programs;

* Research and report on state-level electric power regulatory programs and changes, specifically as they apply to C&I renewable energy development;

* Keep abreast of federal energy law changes affecting C&I renewables, particularly FERC 841 & 2222 and subsequent rulings;

* Track and report on the electric vehicle charging market landscape and incentive programs;

* Work with the project development team to craft optimal strategies for projects;

* Participate in and collaborate with various trade organizations such as NECEC, SEIA; and

* Create analyses for ESG reporting to the board of directors, investors and other stakeholders.