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Solar Jobs

Policy Manager

April 14, 2022

Dandelion Energy

The Policy & Regulatory Affairs Manager will be responsible for informing the strategy and executing key aspects of Dandelion’s engagements with governmental entities and utilities to grow the market for geothermal heating and cooling and increase our opportunity in current markets. Dandelion’s products qualify for government and utility incentives and are subject to numerous local regulations. Our long term success will depend on successful engagement with policy makers at all levels as well as utility leaders. A successful applicant will be ready to roll up his or her sleeves to understand the details of proposed regulations and incentives, and effectively communicate and advocate for changes that align with Dandelion’s success. This is a rare opportunity to influence policy and regulatory engagement with an industry leading company and join a team that is deeply committed to success in this space.


Inform and support execution of our external engagement strategy

  • Track policy and regulatory developments in key markets and work with the Director of Policy & Regulatory Affairs to craft and actively refine our strategy in each market.

  • Identify the stakeholders that are actively influencing policy and regulatory decision-making in these markets and work with the Director of Policy & Regulatory Affairs to build the relationships needed to achieve Dandelion’s goals.

  • Keep our business strategy central to your efforts at all times.

Research and writing to influence policies and regulations

  • Quickly and effectively identify and understand the elements of existing and proposed policies and regulations that will impact Dandelion’s operations and growth potential.

  • Articulate these impacts for internal audiences via memos or presentations as needed.

  • Craft thoughtful, detailed written comments or other communications that make a compelling case for Dandelion’s policy & regulatory goals, to state public utility commissions and other regulatory bodies.

Collaborate with our internal experts to create thoughtful policy recommendations

  • Marshall internal resources as needed to understand operational implications of existing and proposed policies and regulations, and translate priorities from Dandelion’s technical and business teams into clear asks for policymakers and external stakeholders.

  • Be a natural momentum builder and great collaborator.

Represent Dandelion in front of external stakeholders

  • As needed, represent Dandelion externally with stakeholders, governmental policy-makers, and utilities.

  • Thoughtfully engage and build your network to further our business goals.

  • Communicate Dandelion’s interests in a way that pushes policy thinking forward and aligns policymakers with our goals.

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