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Solar Jobs

Solar Outreach Internship

October 26, 2021

Solar One

Are you looking to learn more about how New York communities are accessing the benefits of solar power and exploring career opportunities in this growing industry? Solar One’s Barrio Solar campaign, launched in partnership with nonprofit Fifth Avenue Committee, is bringing solar power to low- and moderate-income homeowners throughout Brooklyn. This internship will give you first-hand experience conducting solar outreach and education. It will also be a great opportunity to expand your skills and learn about residential solar project development as well as community solar.

As a Solar Outreach Intern, you will be an integral member of Solar One’s Here Comes Solar (HCS) team. You will receive mentorship from the Barrio Solar Program Coordinator and you will join HCS team meetings and be invited to Solar One internal and external events, providing you with broad exposure to Solar One’s work and expanding your professional network. You will receive training specific to the projects that you are working on from your supervisor, in addition to general training regarding solar technology, system design, economics, policy, installation/workforce, and more.

Barrio Solar, a unique community-based group solar campaign, providing Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV) energy to low-to-moderate-income (LMI) households in New York City to ensure more equitable access to the benefits of solar. The program addresses localized problems in Solar PV installations and supports homeowners in the installation process from start to finish. The highlight of this program is an unrivaled incentive of up to $3,500 in cash subsidies that qualified homeowners can use towards the cost of solar installation.

This internship is currently planned to be a hybrid internship, where interns will be meeting both digitally and in-person with supervisors and constituents, there may be optional opportunities for interns to visit completed solar installations or to shadow solar site assessments in New York City. The focus of the internship is community engagement. Barrio Solar is a program that looks to support Low-Moderate Income homeowners, interns will focus on outreach to specific neighborhoods to schedule homeowner meetings, one-on-one sessions and workshops with interested homeowner groups and community organizations.

You can read more about the program here:


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