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Solar Jobs

Specialist, Land Acquisition

April 30, 2024

Blue Wave Energy

The Land Acquisition Specialist on the Site Acquisition team will have the responsibility for securing site control on sites identified by BlueWave as having strategic value for renewable energy development. The Land Acquisition Specialist will deploy a variety of tactics to make contact, engage, build a relationship and close definitive land deals with target landowners, and may also bring self-sourced landowner relationships to the table. Contact and engagement tactics include verifying contact information, calling, texting, emailing, networking/social networking and making visits to landowners’ homes or places of work. Once engaged, the Land Acquisition Specialist will build a relationship with the landowners, involving calls, texts, emails, and especially landowner meetings/site visits, to bring the landowner to a point where they feel comfortable signing a lease option or purchase option with BlueWave for renewable energy development. A fully executed lease option or purchase option with a landowner from a defined target list will constitute the major milestone of work product. This position requires the candidate to be physically located in Illinois, but will also require periodic travel to and from BlueWave’s headquarters in Boston.

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