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Active Solar

Active Solar Development, LLC was founded by Frank McCleneghen in 2012, with the original goal of designing, manufacturing and installing some of the largest and most efficient solar thermal systems in use today. After continued success in large scale solar thermal development across the world, Active Solar transitioned their expertise to large commercial and small utility scale solar PV development & construction. With the recent addition of strategically acquired solar industry professionals, the Active team has separated itself as the premier solar PV & solar thermal developer in NYS. Over 15 years of combined experience in solar PV, our team has continuously brought unmatched efficiency and professionalism to clients which include Local, State, & Federal Government Authorities, School Districts, Universities, and Industries across the country. As a group, we have taken lead management roles in the financing, development, or construction of over 250 solar projects, totaling 100+ MWs of installed capacity.

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