Policy Documents

NYSEIA regularly files comments with the Public Service Commission, NYSERDA, the state legislature, and the Governor's office. The association also writes advocacy letters and publishes research related to New York solar. Review our recent documents below.

  • NYSEIA Comments on Remote Crediting Program Rules
  • NY-Sun Inclusive Community Solar Adder Proposal: NYSEIA Comments
  • NYSEIA Comments on Utility Working Group LT&D Report
  • Clean Energy Parties Rate Design Inquiry Letter
  • Comments Regarding Borrego Separate Site Requirement Petition
  • Joint Comments Regarding NYSDEC Social Cost of Carbon Guidance
  • FACTSHEET: Long Island Solar & Storage Programs
  • Long Island Solar & Storage Alliance Policy Priorities 2020–2021
  • Letter to NYSDPS Regarding Con Edison Work Halt for Distributed Generation Projects
  • Supplemental Comments: Petition Regarding Permissions for Customer Participation in Multiple CDG Projects
  • Response to Joint Utilities Petition for Clarification of Remote Crediting
  • Comments Regarding PSEG’s Utility 2.0 Long Range Plan & Energy Efficiency and Demand Response Plan
  • Coalition Letter on Establishing the Social Cost of Carbon
  • Memorandum in Support of A.7286 Regarding Cross-Utility Crediting
  • Interconnection Deadline Modification Comments
  • Survey Results: The Impact of COVID-19 on the New York Distributed Solar Industry
  • LISSA Comments on Proposal Concerning Modifications to LIPA’s Tariff for Electric Service
  • PSC Letter Requesting Delay in Rate Design Decision
  • Letter Opposing the Request to Pause Collections for Clean Energy Programs
  • Petition to Modify and/or Clarify Permissions for CDG Customers to Participate in Multiple CDG Projects
  • New York State PAUSE – Solar Industry Restart Recommendations
  • Comments Regarding “Solar & Storage Providers COVID-19 Input Session”
  • COVID-19 Advocacy Letter: Extending NY-Sun Construction Timelines
  • Memorandum in Support of Executive Budget Part JJJ
  • Reply Comments Regarding the JU Recommendations on Rate Design and CBC
  • Advocacy Letter: Residential Tax Credit Expansion
  • Memorandum in Support of Expanding the Tax Credit Cap
  • NYSEIA 2020 Policy Priorities
  • Improving the Residential Solar Tax Credit To Meet New York’s Climate Goals
  • Comments on the Proposed Customer Benefits Charge
  • Comments on the NYSERDA NY-Sun 2.0 Petition
  • Comments on the Proposed Stepdown in Community Credit Level
  • New York's Value of Distributed Energy Resources—Rate Design FAQ
  • Opportunity and Need to Improve the Property Tax Approach for Solar and Storage in New York
  • Comments on the National Grid Community Distributed Generation Proposoal
  • Response to LIPA Community Solar Stakeholder Letter
  • Sign-on Letter: Long Island Community Solar Compensation
  • Cross-queue Coordination Rules Are Needed for Distributed and Transmission-level Projects
  • Sign-on Letter: LIPA Must Reform Its VDER Policy to Support Community Solar
  • Advocacy Letter: Upstate Solar Companies Encourage Rep. Katko to Cosponsor ITC Extension
  • Community Solar Compensation on Long Island: Challenges and Solutions
  • Comments Filed by Clean Energy Parties Regarding Utility Consolidated Billing
  • SUMMARY: Clean Energy Parties Comments on VDER–Rate Design
  • Advocacy Letter: The PSC Has the Authority to Implement Cross-Utility Crediting
  • Pass the Strongest Possible Climate and Community Protection Act Now
  • Advocacy Letter: Increasing the State Tax Credit for Residential Solar Energy
  • Advocacy Letter: Rate Design Should Support Distributed Clean Energy
  • Talking Points: Expanding the Solar Tax Credit Cap
  • Petition to the Public Service Commission in the Matter of the Value of Distributed Energy Resources
  • Memorandum in Support of Cross-Utility Crediting
  • Memorandum in Support of Increasing the Solar Tax Credit Cap
  • Letter to LIPA Trustees Encouraging Formation of a Long Island Interconnection Working Group
  • Letter to Legislators Regarding Proposed Amendments to the Climate and Community Protection Act
  • Letter to NYSDPS Regarding the VDER Rate Design Working Group
  • Comments Filed Regarding the Joint Utilities Cybersecurity Petition
  • Talking Points: Expanding Prevailing Wage to Solar Projects
  • Advocacy Letter: The Impact of Prevailing Wage on Solar Business
  • The Impact of Prevailing Wage Expansion on Solar Photovoltaic Projects in New York State
  • NYSEIA Testimony on the Climate and Community Protection Act
  • NYSEIA Policy Priorities 2019
  • Comments on PSC Proposal to Eliminate the Interconnection Earnings Adjustment Mechanism
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