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Long Island Solar & Storage Alliance

The NYSEIA Long Island Solar & Storage Alliance (LISSA) promotes a vibrant and ethical business environment for solar and energy storage companies operating on Long Island. LISSA's all-volunteer membership of renewable energy professionals donate their time to grow the local clean energy movement. Their work includes influencing and sponsoring solar-friendly policy at the local, state, and federal level, as well as community education and engagement.

What We Do

  • Participate in public policy and regulatory proceedings affecting the solar industry.

  • Organize meetings, networking, and other public events for the local solar industry.

  • Collaborate with renewable energy, environmental, and economic development groups to expand solar energy on Long Island.

  • Provide information on solar energy and the Long Island solar industry to local and state elected officials, the Long Island Power Authority, and other relevant agencies.

  • Support economically viable and environmentally responsible implementation of renewable clean energy systems, including solar PV electric power, solar thermal, solar hot water and concentrated solar.

  • Reduce consumer energy costs while preserving our beautiful environment for future generations.

LISSA Members

Long Island Solar & Storage Alliance represents a subset of NYSEIA member companies that are active in Long Island solar policy and development. Learn more about our membership program and get involved.

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