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Ampion offers the easiest way to join the clean energy movement while saving money through shared Community Solar. As a Public Benefit Corporation, we believe in giving people the power to make our homes, communities and the planet more sustainable and prosperous.

A clean, sustainable future is something we all deserve no matter who we are or where we live. At Ampion, we are driven to turn that future into reality by making renewable energy available to everyone.

By connecting people to local solar farms, we boost sustainability in communities and support local economies. We want communities to thrive, and we feel a responsibility to increase access to Community Solar far and wide, including in underserved communities that can benefit the most.

We take pride in being innovative and helping to accelerate the clean energy transition. But even more than that, we’re happy to give people the option to live a little greener—and save money doing it.

Ampion began in 2014 in Bar Harbor, Maine with the premise that the future was renewable energy and that it would be available to anyone who wanted it. At the time, community energy was a new idea and more concept than reality. Today, much has changed. Dozens of states support the model, and the urgency with which we attack decarbonizing is increasing quickly.

We’re inspired by the scale and importance of the challenge. Sure, we worry about climate change as many do. But we’re also deeply motivated by the idea that any single person or organization can make a difference and that our role is to make it as easy as possible to take steps in the right direction. We’re here to help—and we’re optimistic that together our individual steps will add up to something great.

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