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Crawford & Associates Engineering & Land Surveying, P.C.

Crawford & Associates is a Hudson-based engineering firm that provides a wide range of engineering and land surveying services to accommodate everything from boundary and topographic surveying to site layout, infrastructure design, wetland delineation, permitting support, and construction oversight. C&A specializes in engineering support for solar projects throughout New York, the northeast and mid-west. With in-house expertise in civil, electrical, mechanical, structural, environmental, and site planning services, C&A can handle most engineering needs from start to finish of a solar project: due diligence review of existing physical and legal site constraints, phase 1 environmental site assessment, solar layout optimization with topographic grading, shading, pier and collision analysis, energy modeling, electrical interconnection & utility coordination, grading & drainage design, SWPPP preparation, and permitting support. The team has extensive experience with solar specialty software such as PVcase, PVsyst, ForgeSolar, NREL’s System Advisor Model, and Helioscope.

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