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Finlo Solar Powers

From off-grid cabins in ’01 to a utility scale CDG projects today, Rob Garrity has been selling, constructing, and developing solar projects in New York for over 19 years. From early ’14 to mid-’18, he led Borrego Solar to the state’s largest C&I market share, developing >60 MW of projects, from origination & site control through permitting, interconnection, MWB, property tax negotiation and complete entitlement. Now he runs his own firm, Finlo Solar, developing 2–10 MW greenfield projects with business partner David Bagley. He and Dave built numerous projects together, through to COD, at Borrego Solar. Rob served on the NYSEIA Board of Directors from 2013–2019, on the executive committee, as president of the board, building up the NYSEIA staff to greatly increase the organization’s impact in New York State. He remains active on the NYSEIA Policy Committee. Rob is based in Hudson, NY where he lives with his family. He graduated ’05 from CALS, Cornell University.

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