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Harvest Power

Harvest Power began as a program of Friendly Construction to help property owners save money. Today with hundreds of installations, Harvest Power provides the BEST value in the industry. This family owned and operated New York–based company has over 30 years of construction experience helping local home and business owners increase the value of their properties. Our interest in helping clients save on their energy costs started during the 1970s gas shortage. Gas rationing and long lines at gas stations made apparent the need for viable and affordable solutions to lowering energy bills for our customers. After decades of research, incremental improvements in efficiencies, and the lowered cost of photovoltaic installations, we determined that solar energy provided a viable alternative to fossil fuels. In 2008, the Harvest Power division of Friendly Construction was created to focus exclusively on helping property owners "Harvest the Sun ... Reap the Rewards" through solar energy. Soon after, with numerous successful solar energy system installations, Harvest Power LLC was formed.

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