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Kruger Energy

Kruger Energy is a business unit of Kruger Inc.  Kruger Energy is a Renewable Energy Platform Focused on Long-Term Sustainable Growth. Established in 2004, Kruger Energy is a leading developer, owner and operator of renewable energy power projects in North America with total installed generation capacity of approximately 540 MW at 38 facilities across various technologies including wind, hydro, storage and solar.

Our Commitment

Kruger Energy is committed to develop and operate projects:

  • In harmony with local communities

  • Using principles of sustainability and environmental protection

  • To become part of the community for the long run

Whether you are interested in signing a long-term lease or selling your property outright in a purchase option agreement, Kruger Energy will listen to your objectives and concerns, and memorialize the terms of mutual benefit to the parties.  Our model is not to tie up your land and then flip the project to a series of middlemen and financial institutions, but to be there as an organization from the first introduction until the expiration of our agreement.  We are focused on building the highest quality community solar projects, and have focused our efforts on the New York community solar program.

Year Joined:

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