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New York State Laborers' Organizing Fund (LiUNA)


Since the early 1900′s people have organized to form unions to fight for dignity and respect. We at NYSLOF, (New York State Laborer’s Organizing Fund), know that improved wages, job security, health benefits and a safe working environment are a priority for all working men and women.


Unions provide leadership, training and strength in numbers in order to get things accomplished in a way that makes for a better way of life. Regardless of race, religion, or color, it is our mission to fight for those individuals who are being mistreated in the workplace.

The Future

Together we can educate the public and show them what a union really means. Whether it’s picketing, speaking to workers, or working things out with contractors, NYSLOF is dedicated to protecting our working brothers and sisters of New York and fighting for good jobs and a good life for everyone.

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