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Solar Generation

Rooted in the rugged beauty of the Hudson Valley in New York, Solar Generation has been helping our community from the beginning. Our Founders, Todd and Jason, wanted to capture the independent, creative spirit of the region by delivering bespoke first-in-class solar installations, while helping the environment along the way.

Paul, our President, wishes to carry this legacy forward into the next decade and beyond. Paul has lived in the Mid-Hudson Valley for over 20 years, spending the majority of his professional life in renewable and clean tech industries. He, along with the rest of the team plan to carry on their dedicated mindset for the wellbeing of our community. Our goal is to make going solar seamless and affordable. We’re invested in the prosperity of our community through local and global goodwill projects, as well as solar farm project developments within the Hudson Valley.

Solar Generation believes that renewable energy is important and necessary. Green energy is not only about independence and diversity - it’s also about sustainability, saving money, preserving resources, and most importantly, the future generations.

Be a part of the Solar Generation.

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