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Sweeney Law Firm

After nearly 25 years of practice in large, regional law firms, the Sweeney Law Firm was established to provide clients the high-level of expertise, responsiveness and capability at a more reasonable cost to stakeholders in the solar, wind and other renewable energy industries. This experience enables the Sweeney Law Firm to serve the specific and often complex needs of such clients. Our mission is to provide value to our clients through high-quality work, personal attention and responsiveness, and efficient management of each clients’ matters.

Mr. Sweeney has been involved with renewable energy for over 15 years beginning with the rapid build out of wind energy in New York State through the swiftly evolving area of solar energy and storage development. Mr. Sweeney has counseled clients in all aspects of the unique policy and legal issues of the fast-paced renewable energy industry, from project concept through local, state and federal regulatory approvals, real estate matters, financing, construction and regulatory compliance. Mr. Sweeney also has significant experience with real property tax matters, particularly for solar and wind projects, and the drafting and negotiation of PILOT agreements as well as host and other agreements between developers and municipalities.

The renewable energy industry is experiencing dynamic and unprecedented regulatory changes. Rapid and extensive federal deregulation efforts have the potential to fundamentally alter the economic and legal underpinnings for the renewable energy industry. Coupled with state regulatory efforts, such as New York’s Renewing the Energy Vision (“REV”) and the Value of Distributed Energy Resources (“VDER”) proceedings, these changes present industry stakeholders unique opportunities as policymakers continue to address the challenges of climate change and decarbonization of the economy.

With this experience assisting clients in this changing regulatory and energy markets, the Sweeney Law Firm welcomes the opportunity and stands ready to assist your company.

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