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NYSEIA Applauds the PSC Decision to Order Voluntary Consolidated Billing for Community Distributed Generation

December 12, 2019



NEW YORK, NY, December 12, 2019—Today, the New York Public Service Commission issued an Order allowing utilities to offer a streamlined billing option for community solar providers. The Order clears the way for implementation of a “Net Crediting” billing model, in which utilities make direct payments to community solar providers for the value of their distributed solar energy production, minus a fee, and then allocate the “net” credits to consumers on their utility bills.

The Coalition for Community Solar Access (CCSA), New York Solar Energy Industries Association (NYSEIA) and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) issued the following statement:

Our organizations thank the New York Public Service Commission for launching this important proceeding and embracing optional streamlined billing to improve access to solar for all. We have advocated for—and welcome—optional consolidated billing approaches that provide direct and equitable benefits to community solar customers and community solar providers, and that can help the state achieve its clean energy and equity goals by enabling more community solar development at lower cost.

“If implemented properly at a reasonable cost, streamlined billing has the potential to enhance customer experience for those who prefer a single bill and remove barriers to community solar participation, especially for low-income customers. Consolidated billing also has the potential to reduce soft costs associated with community solar project development and operations,” said Erika Niedowski, northeast director for CCSA.

“NYSEIA applauds the Public Service Commission’s decision to order voluntary consolidated billing for Community Distributed Generation (CDG), which we believe will play a crucial role in reducing soft costs associated with this segment, improve the CDG customer experience, and help accelerate the buildout of CDG projects and renewable energy in New York. We look forward to working with the Commission and the utilities of New York on the implementation of CDG consolidated billing in the months ahead,” said NYSEIA Executive Director Shyam Mehta.

“Streamlined billing can provide a big boost to community solar programs and greatly improve the customer experience,” said David Gahl, senior director of state affairs, northeast at SEIA. “We commend the New York Public Service Commission for taking action and prioritizing solar accessibility for all customers, especially low- to moderate-income New Yorkers who can greatly benefit from solar energy.”

Our organizations look forward to working with the Commission and utilities on implementation of this streamlined billing model over the coming months.

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About New York Solar Energy Industries Association

Founded in 1994, New York Solar Energy Industries Association (NYSEIA) is a trade association representing over 100 solar energy firms in New York and is dedicated to advancing solar energy use and deployment across the state.


Shyam Mehta

Executive Director

New York Solar Energy Industries Association


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