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NYSEIA report highlights utility territory restrictions as largest barrier to community solar adoption

April 19, 2021

Solar Power World

Kelsey Misbrener

New York State could build on its strong community solar track record and expand solar access to hundreds of thousands more New Yorkers by lowering regulatory barriers and improving compensation for distributed solar generation, according to a new report by the New York Solar Energy Industries Association (NYSEIA).

The NYSEIA report, “Realizing the Potential for Community Solar in New York State: Benefits, Barriers, and Solutions,” documents impressive growth in New York community solar since its inception in 2015 and provides policymakers with detailed recommendations for expanding this market segment, which is key to reaching low- and moderate-income customers and meeting the state’s climate change goals.

“Community solar has the potential to dramatically expand affordable clean energy access for millions of New Yorkers, and its rapid growth across the state over the last five years is testament to its benefits as well as the vision and support provided by the Public Service Commission and NYSERDA,” said Shyam Mehta, executive director of NYSEIA. “It is critical that regulatory, legislative and programmatic policymakers take note of the barriers identified in this report and the recommendations advanced to overcome them in order to ensure the continued success of community solar in New York going forward.”

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