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Solar advocates call for LIPA to reverse decision that will end community solar on Long Island

November 18, 2019

Solar Builder

Chris Crowell

"A coalition of over 40 elected officials, industry organizations, environmental groups, public advocates and electricity ratepayers gathered at the Cradle of Aviation Museum last week to call on the Long Island Power Authority to reverse its recent decision to devalue compensation for community solar by almost 30 percent.

"The community solar program on Long Island has been providing subscribed ratepayers with discounted clean energy from local solar projects since 2016. Yet in June 2019, the LIPA Board of Trustees voted to approve a community credit that is a fraction of what ratepayers receive in neighboring New York City and Westchester County. This change is scheduled to go into effect on January 1, 2020 and will effectively halt community solar development on Long Island unless LIPA acts to adjust the program by providing fair, equitable, and minimally viable compensation for these projects.

"Community solar provides access to clean, discounted energy for low- to moderate-income families, renters, fixed-income seniors, and others who would otherwise not be able to install solar panels on their homes. Community solar also serves small businesses and nonprofit organizations that do not have access to capital or financing for their own solar projects. Community solar allows all Long Islanders to benefit from discounted, clean energy and puts Long Island on track to meet its share of New York’s ambitious renewable energy goals.

"Stakeholders attended the LIPA Board meeting immediately after to directly address the LIPA Board with their concerns. The group is hopeful that it can work together with LIPA leadership to modify the tariff and provide community solar a fair valuation."

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