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LETTER: Long Island Single-Family Residential Incentive and PSEG-LI DLM Program

July 26, 2021

Robert Boerner, Manager of Renewable Energy, PSEG Long Island

Michael Voltz, Director, Energy Efficiency and Renewables, PSEG Long Island

Re: Long Island Single-Family Residential Incentive and PSEG-LI Dynamic Load Management Program

Dear Robert and Michael,

On behalf of NYSEIA’s Long Island Solar & Storage Alliance and its member companies, we are reaching out to address the currently expired Long Island Single-Family Residential Incentive and PSEG-LI’s Dynamic Load Management (DLM) Program.

Following the expiration of this incentive on July 16, LISSA and NYSEIA’s member companies have expressed significant confusion and uncertainty around its status and future. Without the necessary clarity, Long Island homeowners are hesitant to adopt solar and are holding off doing so until there is further clarity regarding this incentive, leading to stalled and cancelled projects.

It is our understanding that while additional funding is available to replenish this incentive, doing so is incumbent on significantly greater DLM participation compared to current levels, so as to help drive systemwide benefits. NYSEIA and LISSA support this goal and intent, and urgently request that PSEG-LI make the necessary improvements to the DLM program so as to drive robust participation going forward. We wish to emphasize that there is indeed desire and demand from consumers to participate in an improved DLM program when it becomes available.

Time, however, is of the essence, and further delays in DLM program design modifications, and consequently, the availability of the NYSERDA incentive, will continue to disrupt the adoption of solar-plus-storage on Long Island, damage Long Island’s solar and storage sectors, and impede the adoption of clean energy on the Island and the realization of the state’s climate and clean energy goals. We therefore urge you to finalize effective DLM program improvements expediently, and stand by ready and willing to engage with and support these efforts at your behest.


Tara McDermott, Chair, Long Island Solar and Storage Alliance (LISSA)

Shyam Mehta, Executive Director, New York Solar Energy Industries Association (NYSEIA)

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