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Comments Regarding PSEG's Long Range and Energy Efficiency Plan Updates

August 23, 2021

Given Long Island’s significance as one of the state’s major population and electric load centers, the fact that almost 95% of its electric grid is currently based on fossil fuels, and constraints on siting and transmission resources for the deployment of large ground-mounted renewable projects in the region, it is crucial that LIPA and PSEG-LI prioritize the development and deployment of distributed solar and storage projects if Long Island is to transition to a carbon-free electric grid in compliance with CLCPA mandates and timelines.

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a. LIPA’s allocated share of New York’s CLCPA-mandated distributed solar target for 2025 is proportionally correct, but should serve as a minimum target considering the challenge of meeting 2030 and 2040 CLCPA mandates.

b. PSEG-LI and LIPA must establish a roadmap for compliance with 2030 and 2040 CLCPA mandates.

c. PSEG/LIPA must increase their investments in distributed solar incentives going forward, including extending the Community Credit and Community Adder incentives for Community Solar on Long Island.

d. Significant proactive investments in distribution infrastructure are needed to realize CLCPA goals, and are not mentioned in the LRP.

e. PSEG/LIPA should support and raise awareness about Community Solar.

f. NYSEIA supports the creation of the Enhanced Marketplace program and supports the inclusion of solar PV, storage, and Community Distributed Generation products in the Marketplace.

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