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Letter to NYSDPS Regarding Con Edison Work Halt for Distributed Generation Projects

October 14, 2020

Through feedback provided by several of its New York City-based member firms, NYSEIA has been informed that as of October 13, Con Edison will not be performing any indoor final inspections, witness tests or meter installations for distributed solar and storage installations in residential buildings in certain localities in its service territory due to concerns over the rise of COVID-19 in these areas, which encompass large swathes of Brooklyn and Queens.

NYSEIA, on behalf of its New York City-based member firms, respectfully requests the Commission order Con Edison to take the following actions:

1. Con Edison should resume, with established COVID-19 safety best-practices, inspections, meter installations and witness testing for distributed generation customers where currently halted in keeping with the Phase 1 reopening status of New York City, under which category such business activities would fall;

2. Any halt in the above activities by Con Edison should only be implemented in accordance with the reversal of the Phase One reopening of New York City;

3. Any halt in the above activities by Con Edison, if authorized by the Commission, should detail the relevant criteria and thresholds relating to these criteria for the stoppage and a clear plan for the resumption of such work;

4. In cases in which inspections and approvals are completed (either virtually or in person), Con Edison should issue PTO independent of meter installation, so that a delay of the meter installation due to halt of work shall not negatively impact the contractor’s ability to complete out a project in accordance with set contractual and statutory milestones concerning the ITC, PTA and NY-Sun incentives, as is allowed in surrounding states such as New Jersey.


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