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Letter to LIPA Trustees Encouraging Formation of a Long Island Interconnection Working Group

May 15, 2019

Connecting distributed energy resources (DER) to the grid is increasingly challenging and prohibitive. Inability to connect, costs, extended timelines and many other obstacles are greatly inhibiting and preventing DER deployment and only getting worse in an accelerating manner. We believe the current approach significantly handicaps the growth clean energy generation to the Long Island grid. New technical, policy, and procedural approaches are urgently needed to even come close to achieving the Governor’s goals. We, the leading distributed generation industries of Long Island (including but not limited to solar, energy storage, gas turbine cogeneration, small wind, fuel cells, etc.) have thus organized and write to make LIPA aware of these challenges and summarize our request to PSEG to create a new collaborative entity with sufficient leadership and authority to begin addressing these challenges. Our ultimate goal is not only to drive down costs and remove other impediments to connecting DERs to the grid, but to find solutions which drastically increase our ability to connect and evolve the grid as necessary to realize a new energy paradigm.

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