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Community Solar Compensation on Long Island: Challenges and Solutions

September 4, 2019

Community Solar (CS) is a crucially important market segment to both Long Island and New York State at large, both in terms of achieving its climate, decarbonization, and distributed solar goals, as well as providing access to clean energy for individuals, communities and organizations that do not have adequate/feasible siting space or cannot afford to own their own solar systems.

Community solar can potentially provide access to solar for ALL 1.1 million electric customers on Long Island. CS in Long Island needs more, not less support going forward, particularly during these crucial initial years as it is getting off the ground.

We advocate for the Community Credit in LI to be brought to a fair level from the current 2.25 cents per kWh to 10 cents per kWh. We also believe that allowing CS systems under 750 kW-ac the option to stay on NEM, as is the case for onsite systems < 750 kW-ac, would further bolster the market and allow for simplicity of selling and marketing solar to potential community solar customers.

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