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NYC Solar + Storage Property Tax Abatement Extension and Expansion Memo

February 24, 2023

NYC's solar and storage property tax abatements are scheduled to expire at the end of 2023, so NYSEIA and its NYC Committee is working with the City and State to advocate for extending and expanding this important incentive in order to

  • Provide long-term support for the NYC market, which has higher costs than other regions

  • To improve low-income access to the benefits of solar and storage through direct-pay provisions for nonprofits and affordable housing

  • To better support parking canopy and hybrid PV + storage projects.

This memo details NYSEIA's proposal and includes an analysis of how much the proposal will cost and what benefits it will provide. Special thanks to Kate Selden, Equitable Solar Policy Analyst at Solar One, for leading the drafting of this memo with meaningful contributions from NYSEIA members and staff.

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