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Kendall Sustainable Infrastructure

Kendall Sustainable Infrastructure (KSI) is an innovative asset management firm that creates value through investments in energy, water, and other real, sustainable assets. We are thought leaders, fundamental investors, and we positively impact the world with every dollar we invest. We derive our success from a true alignment between our interests and those of our project development partners. Our approach emphasizes attractive financial transactions for all parties, developers and investors alike while being proponents of environmental sustainability. Kendall Sustainable Infrastructure is focused on providing take-out and construction financing to build renewable energy and other infrastructure projects with the ultimate goal of asset ownership. We enable development, providing a seamless and reliable channel to transition project pipelines into operating assets that benefit communities and the environment. We have the ability and desire to provide development support. A partnership with KSI truly goes beyond capital. We focus on small to medium-sized distributed scale assets with typical capital requirements that range between $500K and $10M per project. As of today, the company has completed nearly 100 transactions.

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