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Sunwealth is an innovative, tech-driven clean energy investment firm. By leveraging our deep understanding of solar with our extensive investment experience, we have developed a well-rounded portfolio of commercial solar projects that boast significant financial returns and provide high-efficiency solar power to businesses, municipalities, and non-profit organizations. Sunwealth offers 100% project financing including PPAs, site leases & operating leases for commercial projects over 25 kW. Project development experience allows Sunwealth to support any opportunity from a lead to a shovel-ready project. Focused on maximizing profits and savings for you and your customer, Sunwealth provides competitive and quick pricing, timely payments, and standardized deal documentation. With 60 EPC partners and over 16 megawatts invested across 13 states, Sunwealth has capital ready to provide flexible financing to build your projects.

Combining clean energy expertise with an exclusive technology-driven review process, we facilitate collaboration between communities, developers, and investors, and support successful, high-yield commercial solar projects that provide affordable clean energy directly to power recipients and assert exceptional return potential to our investors.

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