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Comments re: Coordinated Grid Planning Process

March 28, 2023

NYSEIA, in partnership with other clean energy trade associations ("Clean Energy Parties") submitted comments regarding New York's Coordinated Grid Planning Process ("CGPP") to recommend improvements that will help ensure that distributed renewables are considered throughout the process. Specific recommendations included:

  • Accelerate the CGPP process and distribution planning process, wherever possible.

  • Fix the existing distribution planning process. Use the CGPP to address timeliness, standardization and transparency within the distribution planning process while keeping distribution planning separate and more frequent than the CGPP.

  • Create a more structured and participatory Energy Policy Planning Advisory Council (EPPAC). Establish a charter, clearly assign roles and responsibilities including a third-party facilitator, and create a decision-making process (CEP recommends consensus-based decision making).

  • Ensure energy storage is fully considered within the CGPP. Storage must be considered both as a part of the bulk system as well as a component of the proposed solution in the form of non-wires alternatives (NWA) or Storage-As-a-Transmission Asset (SATA).

  • Specific recommendations for each stage of the process.

Click the link below to view our full comments.

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