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Comments on NYStretch 2023 Code

August 30, 2022

Distributed solar and storage projects (DERs) present a unique opportunity to build a resilient electric grid that saves individual consumers money on our path to a zero-emission power sector by 2040. In addition, localized solar power generation and battery storage adds efficiency and reduces costs for all electricity consumers by helping to curtail the need for expensive grid upgrades.

By writing our buildings code with an equity and justice approach, we can make our society fairer and begin to make up for the injustices and inequities of the past. The NYStretch 2023 code—if it is stringent in its requirements—will play a key role in the state’s ability to reach the climate and clean energy goals put forward in the CLCPA. We are encouraged by the proposed NYStretch 2023 code and offer the following comments:

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