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MEMO: Solar and Local Law 97 Compliance

June 16, 2022

Clean Distributed Energy Resources are one of the most impactful and immediate ways for Covered Buildings to reduce their carbon emissions and comply with Local Law 97. In addition to delivering immediate carbon emissions reduction, Clean DERs in New York City provide many unique benefits, including:

  • Improved public health by eliminating harmful air pollution from in-City fossil fuel combustion;

  • Direct economic benefits for participating customers that install solar on their premises or subscribe to an offsite solar project via community solar, a solar development model that allows low-income families and renters to participate in and benefit from solar energy;

  • Local economic development, workforce development, and job creation for NYC residents and entrepreneurs; and

  • Indirect utility bill savings for all energy customers by generating peak-coincident power in New York’s most congested load zone and eliminating and/or deferring the need for costly upgrades to the electric transmission and distribution systems.

With clear and favorable guidance, Clean DERs can be a central component of Covered Buildings’ LL97 compliance strategy. In turn, LL97 can help accelerate the deployment of Clean DERs in New York City, enabling the City achieve its ambitious goal to install 1,000 megawatts of solar by 2030. Accelerating the adoption of Clean DERs is aligned with both the spirit and letter of the Law. The recommendations and requests for clarification in this memorandum are intended to provide the solar industry and building owners with the clarity they need to ramp up investment in solar in the City.

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